FIFA 20 Road To The Final Team & Guide

FIFA 20 Road To The Final Team & Guide

The FIFA 20 Road to The Final (RTTF) has officially began as of the 8th November 2019. EA have just released the information regarding RTTF via their FUT Champions Cup Twitch Stream.

This article is live, meaning it will change as more information regarding RTTF players are announced!


How Does FIFA 20 Road To The Final (RTTF) Work?

  • There are 2 RTTF teams that will be released
  • One is released 8th Nov and the 15th Nov, they include 14 UEFA Champions League players & 3 UEFA Europa League players
  • Week 1: 8th Nov – 15th Nov
  • Week 2: 15th Nov – 22nd Nov
  • The high rated cards get a +1 upgrade for their base card
  • The low rated cards can get higher upgrades
  • If their team progresses to the knockout stage they get a +1 rating, and then a +1 rating for every round after that
  • If their team gets knocked out of the UCL (Champions League) then they will get a RTTF Europa League card

Entire Road To The Final Team

Road To The Final (RTTF) FIFA 20 Squad

The full list of FIFA 20 Road to the Final Players are:

  1. Kante
  2. Mane
  3. Dybala
  4. Handanovic
  5. Son
  6. Allan
  7. Coman
  8. Dembele
  9. Sancho
  10. Mahrez
  11. David Neres
  12. Eder Militao
  13. Wass
  14. Wendell


How Do The RTTF Stats Increase?

RTTF FIFA 20 Sancho

If we use RTTF Sancho as an example, we can see that his base RTTF card has a +2 compared to his normal 84 rated card. 
If Dortmund somehow manage not to make the knockout stages of the Champions League, then Sancho will get an 86 rated Europa League RTTF card. This card has the same rules as the Champions League card, it just has a different design.
If Dortmund do qualify for the knockout stages, then Sancho will get an 87 rated card (+1 upgrade). Then every round after that it will be a +1 rating all the way unto the final. 

UEFA Europa League RTTF Players

Road To The Final Europa League

The 3 Europa League Road to the Final players released are:
  1. Dumfries
  2. Jimenez
  3. Juan Jesus

These cards have the same rules as the Champions League RTTF players, so there is no need explaining how they upgrade. 

On a side note, the card designs look absolutely epic. We are sneakily hoping that some of the Champions League RTTF players drop out of the Champions League just so they get that awesome gold design.


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