Is FIFA Scripting Real? New FIFA Scripting Proof

Is FIFA Scripting Real? New FIFA Scripting Proof

Since the dawn of FIFA Ultimate Team we have all encountered what we think is FIFA scripting. Within the last 24 hours we have encountered some intriguing FIFA scripting proof which will help validate these claims!

What Is FIFA Scripting?

FIFA scripting is the term to describe how the gameplay seems to be predetermined by EA to alter the game result. In FIFA 20, scripting is mainly observed in many 45/90 minute goals and in the reduction of performance from your players when you take a significant lead (e.g. 2 goals or more). 

Why FIFA Scripting?

The reason why FIFA scripting would be implemented is to make FIFA 20 gameplay more balanced and not to deter newcomers or those who are less able at FIFA. 

If there was no FIFA handicap, perhaps those less able at FIFA 20 will lose close to 80-90% of their matches which would leave them leaving the franchise and ultimately reducing the ability for EA to sell FIFA points or the game itself to these players.

Is FIFA Scripting Exposed?

Some FIFA scripting code got leaked via some FIFA 20 PC INI settings which were dumped from memory by Reddit user ZiXXiV. The discoveries were remarkable. Not only was the term “Adaptive Difficulty” found but also there were precise parameters for modifiers considering the current game outcome. 

Adaptive difficulty is simply a term that explains how the in-game mechanics will change depending the current score/statistics of the game.

Here is a picture of some lines of code:

FIFA 20 Scripting code 

Is FIFA Scripting Real For Online & Offline?

The counter argument from users on this FIFA scripting Reddit thread was that it is only for offline FIFA 20 matches or Squad Battles.

However, the variable ADAPTIVE_DIFFICULTY ‘ENABLED’ remains on 1 even when you join any online match on FUT 20. However, the extent of FIFA 20 scripting is somewhat uncertain and further research is being carried out.


We will keep you updated on the extent of FIFA scripting & momentum soon. Momentum is also a common term used to describe how the in-game ability of your players either decrease/increase considering the score. Sometimes after you start leading by 2-0 or 3-0, suddenly the performance of your players decrease and your opponents increases just as the code above suggests.

Here is the specific code about that:

Description: “Score >= 2 goal lead” // WHEN <GoalEvaluation> IF <user has greater than 2 goal lead> DO <increase difficulty by 0.25> RULE3_PARAM1 = 2 // Goal lead RULE3_OUTPUT = 0.25

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